The Small Picture

The Small Picture is a single page comic we do every Wednesday with Mint, India's second largest business paper. We cover a variety of current topics, with a varied cast of talented creators... The entire archive can be read here:
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55 | The Sadhu Tree, gorgeously done by Prashant Miranda. This is special and this had to be colour, as it marked the beginning of Year 2.

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60 | The fly - A Syrian folktale by Aindri Chakraborty

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72 | Another brick in the wall - The Small Picture by Pratheek Thomas & Jasjyot Singh Hans is a personal story set in The Hole in the Wall Café, Bangalore.

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63 | Toronto - By Gokul Gopalakrishnan

074 | By Amruta Patil

Catwoman Prabha Mallya's Small picture - Cats in the Cradle|-cats-in-the-cradle=72

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