Finally I decided that “they” were no longer going to have power over me and just let it go. I have felt so much better ever since. ~ Heather Pleasants

Beware of those who lack ambition. they will often try to convince you you're in the same boat.

Accept the challenge there's nothing to lose if you keep on trying at the end of the day you'll notice how fruitful you are.

Your cell phone already replaced your camera your calendar your alarm clock.. Don't let it replace your family.

Douglas Weiss on Instagram: “Don't be afraid of being different. be afraid of being the same as everyone else.

Douglas Weiss on Instagram: “If You are in the way of my goals & dreams.. I suggest you move.

Society justifies the act of criticism.  Society thrives on putting someone down just to get ahead and put someone else higher.  Critics are everywhere, and it is the time we put them in their...

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