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Palpap – Inspro Plus ERP Examination Management software at Adhiyamaan College of Engineering change the entire COE process automatically. In this system the Students can log in and collect their Hall Ticket based on the enrollment process. Palpap Hall Ticket generation System has also viewed the student passed out the year and the Eligible attendance percentage, how many arrear he/she have it and department wise the Hall Ticket was generated.

Palpap - Inspro Plus ERP is an innovative and leading provider of ERP Software for Educational Institutes Like Schools, Colleges and Universities. With a vision to provide original & high most quality ERP products with technological up gradation in Educational Sectors.

The student just needs their RFID based smart card to pass the main security gate while leaving the campus to indicate her / his exit with photo identification to ensure physical presence of the student. While returning, the student use RFID based smart card to pass again at the main gate to indicate her / his entry back into the campus and automatically give alert SMS to their parents regarding In Time and Out Time Of the Student.

This Process generates ESI Statement, PF Statement, Tax Statement and Gratuity as well as Salary Transfer of all Staff Members as per the Bank Format. This system also includes Automatic Leave Approval Updates based on the hierarchy of the Staff Member.

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The accompanying reports can be produced in Excel , All Books In The Library, Issued Books In The Library, Non Issued Books In the Library, Class shrewd Book Issue, Reserved Books, Reservation Requests, Returned books, Renewed Books, Subject savvy Books in Library, Monthly Report for both Issue and return,Date astute Issue, Date insightful Return, History of a Book Transaction, Fine Collected, Members Report, Deleted Books In the Library

Palpap ERP module also include Controller Of Examinations Section,Approval From Academic Council and Syllabus Preparation By Individual Staff, Again To Controller Of Examinations Section, Tentative Schedule (For Odd And Even Semesters), Master List Of Students (Biodata), Subject List (Including Mark Splitup, Grade, Total Marks, Course Pattern, Etc.)

PALPAP Biometric - Inspro Plus ERP, In this system maintains staff schedules and head of the department information. Inspro Plus ERP Biometric System fully focused on In time, Outtime, Permission, Grace Time and On Duty of the respective staff member. The whole information automatically announced to corresponding Head Of The Department and the Management

PALPAP - Library Management ERP Software proficiencies to manage all the functionalities of the library and spread of information at the most beneficial time to the following side people. Suitable for little to immense school libraries, schools and universities. Library module helps Schools/Colleges (Institutes) to keep up library books close to the key library portions of pushing books ('Issue' and 'Return') for Students/ Staff and others. The module keeps up Publishers' data, Book…

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KCG provides additional benefits to their students to shaking hands with PALPAP ERP.