A hard anodized aluminium kettle, highly durable, scratch resistant and quick to boil - this is a perfect #kettle for hikers, camping trips or people who like going on big trips in the outdoors. Made in the UK http://www.madecloser.co.uk/sports-leisure/camping/the-adventurer-hard-anodised

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Sports Beanie Hat. Designed to keep the head warm or cool, whatever the temperature. Made in the UK from a super soft technical stretch fabric. http://www.madecloser.co.uk/sports-leisure/sportswear/beanie

Runner's anklet socks - specially designed to provide the utmost support, comfort and shock absorption. Made in the UK http://www.madecloser.co.uk/sports-leisure/sportswear/mens-cool-runner-anklet

Lithium battery, remote control golf troller. Exceptional design quality with a world leading electronics system. This trolley can be controlled up to 50m away. Made in the UK http://www.madecloser.co.uk/sports-leisure/golf/X7-lithium-remote

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