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Pirate Wanted Poster

Pirate Wanted Poster Print this on card paper and cut out the face and let children put their faces through. You can also print and laminate it. I've used this Pirate Wanted Poster for my starter activity asking to a child to come out and hold the poster. I've asked the rest of the children to help me describe this wanted man! I've certainly had their interest and we had a lot of lovely sentences filled with adjectives! Enjoy ;)

10 things to make with egg boxes

Ahoy there! This bejewelled treasure chest is a gem of a craft for kids as it's fun and easy to make, too.

Pirate Theme For School | musical islands pirate music and pirate voices filled the classrooms ...

Story Stones help promote literacy, story telling skills bu creating stories using the pictures as stimuli. 8 stones in a cotton pouch. Each stone is approx 2cm and is painted in acrylics and protected with sealant. Pirate Story Stones include: Pirate Parrot Girl Treasure chest Pirate boat Sailing boat Treasure map Skull and cross bones