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Some of my artwork

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This board is for pieces of art with I have done myself. So let me know what you think of them. Thanks

A skull in the centre of a sunflower. This can show that even in some of the saddest moments there is still hope and joy.- painted by L.A.Laws

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Silhouette of a ballerina surrounded by stage light and flowers thrown by the crowd- painted by L.A.Laws

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A winged brain. I took the ins pertain for it off of an image I found on google. The original image had the caption 'free thought'- by L.A.Laws

This is a watercolour painting copied from a photograph of a shell with was found on google images- by L.A.Laws

This is a copy of one of Paul Harvey's pieces.- by L.A.Laws

This is a grandfather clock as the centre of the universe with all the planets and the sun orbiting around it to symbolise how time is the one most important thing; how time a large/main feature in all our lives.- created by L.A.Laws