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Your very own bob and bob from phonics play - choose the words/ purpose. The children can see the words/ post them in the bin mouths! Is it a real word or alien/silly word? I love the iwb bob and bob but I have a visually impaired child who needs to see bigger font nice and close.

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Phonic challenge - Kim's Game. Remember it from your childhood?? Second memory game I've set up this term.

Phase 1 , Letters and Sounds. I filled pairs of eggs with different objects (bells, oats, rice, sand, pennies etc.) the children had to find 2 eggs that had the same sound. Quite tricky, and really encouraged careful listening.

Phase 1 phonics socks and shakers. Socks filled with things such as marbles, rice and paper. What do you think is inside the sock? EYFS

Using display to highlight where children's developmental needs are & what appropriate next steps should look like (this one is highlighting pencil grip) - from the fab ABC Does (",)

Created a outdoor sound station using different materials for phase 1 phonics practise. The children contributed their own materials from home which were all attached with ribbon. They have loved making a lot of noise and developing their listening skills in the meantime.