#FinancialServices are provided by finance industry and gst brings incremental challenges due to the nature of their operations.

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#GSTtax is a single tax for the whole nation and is applied on goods and services where final consumption happens.

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#GoodsandServicestax, #gsttax will be very advantageous, if all states implement the GST on the same rates.

#GST is not the new tax,it is just the reformed version of old #servicetax levied by the central government.

#Implicationsofgst help to boost the Indian economy, it will remove cascading effect and double taxation

#GSTtaxrate charged by the last dealer in the supply chain, with set-off benefits at all the previous stages.

#Implicationsofgst in India will give us Uniformity of tax rates and structures with easy compliance.

#GSTtax is going to impact every sphere of business activity and would change doing business in India.

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