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Banana skin means to Manage #OperationalRiskEvent in Banks,Which helps banks to manage losses due to process, system or human failures.

Operational risk event

#Operationalriskevent aim is to identifying and comparing the elements of #operationalrisk capital systems at major global banks.

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#Corporatebanking provides wide range of services to banks and corporates and build strong bond with their customers.

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#Capitalmarkets are financial market where buyer and seller are engage in trade.

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#OperationalRiskmanagement helps to control the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems or from external events.

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Operational risk management

#Operationalriskmanagement should track, trace and manage all type of risks an organization must manage under operational risk.

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To give customer better #corporatebanking experience and increase customer loyalty, We should create rules that empower customer and then ensure that everyone in the organization follows those rules.

corporate banking

#InvestorRelations is a strategic management responsibility which helps investors to make informed buy or sell decisions .

investor relations

Banking from Induslnd #InvestorsBank offers so many great attribute. We at Induslnd can make a real difference in your financial status .

Investors bank

3s We want to be the best best integrated source for research-driven #capitalmarkets solutions, with a focus on every client’s needs.

Corporate banking