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Have fun colouring in your very own Firework picture on the Bonfire Night- the 5th November, and singing the rhyme! Safety First: Remember only adults should light or hold fireworks. When you're watching fireworks, stand well back. Never play with fireworks.

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The story of Guy Fawkes, happy Guy Fawkes Day!!! Remember, Remember the of November. | I only refer to it as a Guy Fawkes mask.

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Leaf Lantern - found this in a wonderful book called Earthways. You press autumn leaves and then iron them between two sheets of waxed paper to make the lantern sides. Glue construction paper strips on top and bottom, and hot glue to the base of a round oatmeal or ice cream container. For a handle, use wrapped florist's wire or the handle from a shopping bag

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17 Astuces De Cadeaux Pas Chers Que Tu Peux Faire Toi Même Pour Maman

Penny for the Guy - Bonfire Night - Guy Fawkes Night - Gunpowder Plot - colouring pages and activities

On this day 5th November 1605 Guy Fawkes was arrested when around 30 barrels of gunpowder, camouflaged with coal, were discovered in the cellar of London's Parliament. Robert Catesby's small band of Catholic zealots who planned to blow up James I and Parliament were only arrested after Fawkes revealed their names when tortured on the rack. The 'Gunpowder Plot' is commemorated each year in Britain on 5th November 'Guy Fawkes Night'