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As the popular saying by Thomas Jefferson goes “Never spend your money before you have it.” Unfortunately, people sometimes have a tendency of relying on the money that is out of their hands and is supposed to be reserved for the rainy days. Same goes with pension, which is supposedly untouchable until the age of retirement.

UN passes historic arms trade treaty by huge majority

UN General Assembly to vote on global arms treaty

Most of us are looking for the ways to boost energy levels because in the present world everyone has a hectic life schedule which drain out the energy levels. Low energy levels affect every aspect of your life so people always look for the effective ways to improve their energy levels. Some of the beneficial ways for improving energy levels are discussed below to give a boost to your energy levels.

Sitting in front of a computer 9 hours a day bobbing your head to sick techno beats won't burn enough calories to keep you geek-sleek

From the campfires to the mosquito bites, summer camp is an iconic rite of passage for generations of American children.

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A Lifetime of Shaving Adds Up - By

A Lifetime of Shaving Adds Up - By

Top 10 Hybrid Cars

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