mughals: Nose ring, around 18th Century Mughal Dynasty. It is hard to believe how much wealth in gold, rubies, emerald, pearls, the list goes on the Indians had.

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India | Nose ring "nath" from southern Rajasthan | Gold, Ruby, Emerald, Basra Pearls, Diamonds, Glass. | ca. 18th-19th century

Parure, comprising a brooch, a necklace, earrings, a bracelet, a tiara (1810-1812) of Caroline Bonaparte, Joachim Murat's wife and Queen of Naples - gold and Mediterranean coral - Private collection

A large beautifully shaped eye catching Solid silver Banjara tribal Necklace. The center piece is dedicated to Lord Vishnu therefore its depicted with his feet's, its a custom where religious women will wear this to protect themselves as Lord Vishnu is the protector of Individual as per Hindu Bhagavad Gita(the holy Hindu book)

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