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The bright yellow hue of this oval cast iron casserole dish will brighten up your kitchen. Priced at £45.

Bold prints and jewel-coloured glassware give our In Bloom living room collection a sophisticated and elegant finish.

Make your cakes even more irresistible by presenting them in this etched glass cake dome. Who could possibly say no? Priced at £15.

This intriguing jar candle is cleverly designed to double as a pretty trinket box once the wick has burnt down. Priced at £4.

Although this glass lantern is pretty enough to stand alone, its faceted design makes a candle’s glow even more mesmerising. Priced at £15.

Embrace decorating with black, white and grey as monochrome schemes are big news this season. Go all out with bold accessories with graphic patterns of diamonds, chevrons, herringbone and stripes.

For instant atmosphere, swap overhead lighting for lamps. Classic styles, like this black tripod lamp, are at home in any décor. Priced at £25.

Inspired by traditional Indian inlay work, this two-tone picture frame will cleverly draw the eye to the image it holds. Priced at £15.