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A resident of Belgaum, Karnataka, Santosh Kaveri is a young entrepreneur who through his innovative ideas, was able to make a huge difference in the lives of many villagers. From developing a carrot cleaning machine to a brake system for bullock carts to an eco-stove which used lesser amount of gas, all the inventions revolved around making daily lives easier for farmers. Coming from a background where he had to face daily struggles, he ensured that many others lived better. #BeingZimmedar


Laxmi Poojarthi, 60 year old woman living in Amparu, Udupi is a known name. Belonging to a district that was used to summer droughts, her initiative has brought relief to many villages. Witnessing the difficulties that her village was facing, she and four other women took up the initiative to build a well for her neighbourhood.Following this idea to preventing further droughts, currently, the village has dug up 5 more wells and 40 bore wells. #BeingZimmedar

A casual boat ride in Varanasi left quite a bad impression on Temsutula Imsong, mainly because of the extreme filth and the unbearable foul smell. She took the matter in her own hands and started the initiative of cleaning the steps, preventing a city's legacy from deterioration and instead transforming it into a beautiful place. With social media being a huge help, she soon had numerous helping hands and within three days, the mission was complete. #BeingZimmedar

From converting a dilapidated section of police quarters into a children's park to transforming a police training centre into a greener space and planting over 2500 trees across Kadappa- Andhra Pradesh, Harikrishna Kuragayala has set high standards for everyone around. #BeingZimmedar

A labourer from the Gehlaur village in Bihar, Dashrath Manjhi had lived a life that was short on finances. He put his knowledge of working at a coal mine to use and carved a 360-feet-long, 25-feet-and 30-feet-wide road through the hills. While it took him 22 years to complete the task, the end result was something he was immensely happy about. Making life easier for his fellow villagers, Dashrath Manjhi, or Mountain Man, as many called him, passed away in 2007, at the age of 73…


Purushottam Das Gupta, an auto rickshaw driver from Thane, Mumbai, is an avid tree conservation activist. Observing the increasing rate of dead trees, he began 'Sadbhavana- Hara Bhara Bharat’, a mission which focussed on caring of existing trees and planting new ones. #BeingZimmedar

How many can boast of planting a million trees in one lifetime? Daripalli Ramaiah is one such hero of the Khammam district of Telangana State. His love for trees goes back to the time when he was a child observing his mother plant trees. He is also known to have read extensively on trees and is often called a walking encyclopaedia of plants. Taking up the initiative to prevent his land from going barren, Daripalli Ramaiah is a role model for us all! #BeingZimmedar

For years, Lahari village of Jharkhand had suffered from the lack of basic transportation facilities. The road leading to other villages was kachcha and almost always under water. The lack of a bridge over the Koyla River also hindered free movement. The issue turned serious when a boat carrying 12 people from the village capsized in the river and 6 of them lost their lives. Today, their attempt to prevent further catastrophes has become an inspiration for other villages. #BeingZimmedar

After stumbling upon the quaint little village of Kalap in Uttarakhand, Anand Sankar has never turned back. Initially surprised with the level of remoteness the village maintained, he ensured that the people were not left behind in any field. He founded the Kalap Foundation, which conducted health camps for the villagers, taught them organic dyeing, and trained many in the art of conducting adventure activities. #BeingZimmedar

For the village of Paradsinga, Madhya Pradesh, travelling around during the monsoons was a huge difficulty. The only connecting road would get water-logged easily and affect the farms' fertility too. In such a time, Ganesh Dhoke, a young farmer led his fellow mates on a mission to build a better road for his village and prevent further such struggles. #BeingZimmedar