That's what happens if you don't take the parking space seriously! #pranks #bad parking #happyfriday

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magine having this treasure trove of cars hidden away, and they are in such good condition.27 vehicles worth £20million is sold in one of Britain's biggest ever deals. Read the full story here

Does bad parking annoy you as much as it does us? We love this sign that people have been putting on cars who have parked really badly.

Some ‪#‎fun‬ for a Tuesday Morning. "They told me it was just a small job"

Taking the word "Drive Thru" to a whole different level! We are wondering if the driver stayed for food?

The recession has been hard for all of us, but none have felt the pinch quite like Batman ‪#‎batmobile‬ ‪#‎cars‬

Motorist accidentally drives down the staircase..we do wonder!?? for your new Vehicle needs.

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