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Salmon, broccoli and new potato omelette. Gorgeous and great way to start the morning! Slimming world - free on extra easy :)

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Weight watchers Chicken Pasanda Very tasty dish and virtually fat free. Recipe here.

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Vicki-Kitchen: Chili beef bake (slimming world friendly) I am OBSESSED with this recipe! Cannot get enough of it! :) Works just as well with pork mince too.

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Stuffed Mini Peppers - Easy Stuffed Pepper recipe

Stuffed Mini Peppers...going to make this recipe with 95 percent ff chopped meat and brown rice making and ww cheese, making this recipe "almost" simple start :) looks good but use turkey meat or chicken? (:

This delicious chicken supreme recipe is packed full of Speed and Protein foods, making it fantastic for anyone on Extra Easy SP.

10 Daily Habits That Help Blast Belly Fat Belly fat, or visceral fat, is the most dangerous type of fat there is. Ditch it and you’ll not only save your health, you’ll also lose weight and trim your waistline.