There's a reason weight loss is such a dreaded subject for many of us – it can be just so stubborn! Try as we do, losing those extra kilos from problem areas such as our belly and thighs remains an uphill, almost impossible task. And God knows how crazy weight-loss diets and exercise routines can be. So, is there no solution? Of course there is!

Oats, though not native to India, are a cereal grain dating back to 2000 B.C! Today, you strive to find a quick way to get strength and energy to carry you through your hectic schedule. A steaming bowl of freshly cooked oatmeal seems to be the best bet. But that's not all. Oats can be deliciously incorporated into a lot of recipes - and not just for breakfast!

There exist a wide variety of height increasing food for children that, once incorporated in the diet, will work wonders for your toddler. Take a look at our list of suggestions and be sure that your toddler will grow to his full potential!

Is protein really all that important for children? Aren't they getting enough through the day? Perhaps not! Growing kids need protein to build and repair cells as this is the age when their body is undergoing several changes. There's a reason proteins are called the building blocks of our body! So how can you ensure your kids are getting the adequate amount? Start off your day with a rich and delicious breakfast!

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