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Character: Barnaby at his dad's apartment. He was too tired to take off his trousers after coming home from work. Make him more wiry.

I am Mimi. Oldest of two. I'm witty, sarcastic, picky and I always choose me over you. Recommend Me...

The Ones We Left Behind: On Being An Ally To Small Town Queers "If you're reading this and are currently in love with a tiny place that hasn't loved you back yet, I want you to know that this is okay."

a) My name is Marie and I'm a wallflower. b) 25 years old. c) From Georgia (country, not a state). d) "“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”- Albert Einstein

I'm a realist and an øptimist But I swear to yøu, I'm nøt getting øver this

"Stop being a martyr for those who don't need one. You need to be your own martyr -- save yourself. Or, for God's sake, recognize that the ability to come back from the dead might not mean that I like feeling your pulse stop."