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Textured and poised, the Hammered Gold Disc Pendant is made of 18K yellow gold. Accented with a round pearl below the disc and three round-cut diamonds atop, this textured pendant sums a lot of impact in a single design.


Hammered Gold Disc Pendant

Another classic, these demure pearl stud earrings clasped with a simple gold flower, convey a feeling of sophistication that is timeless.


Simple Flower Pearl Earrings

Simple and elegant; the Simplicity Pearl Ring is designed in a unique fashion with a 5 carat pearl set in plain yellow gold. Match with simple pearl studs to complete the minimalist, elegant look.


Simplicity Pearl Ring

Depicting a delicate flower motif in diamond studded, white gold, above a white pearl, the SpRingstime Promise Pearl Pendant lets you carry a reminder of good things to come.


Springtime Promise Pendant

A contemporary set with delicate patterns cared in gold; the Brushed Floral Earrings are elegant and modern for day to day wear. The simple dangling pearl lends a breezy feel while you out on a hot summer.


Brushed Floral Earrings

These thin tulip stem shaped gold drops, are emphasized with three studded diamonds along the stem, and embedded with a moon like pearl each.

Tulip Pearl Earrings

These lovely drops combine trios of diamonds with slender gold stems, ending in a precious dangling pearl. Beautiful to look at, but very hard to take your eyes off.

Precious Pearl Earrings

A pristine pearl is set within a beautiful heart frame. Complementing your little princess' summer outfit, these earrings are easy to wear with the push backing. Every kids jewellery purchase is exclusively custom packed and accompanied with a Tsunamika doll. Tsunamika dolls were made to lend a healing touch to the millions of lives affected by the devastating Tsunami in of 2004 in Tamil Nadu.


Pearl Heart Stud Earrings

A diamond studded wisp of white gold holds a pearl in its delicate embrace. A novel piece in white, perfect to add colour to your collection. Find matching Earrings


Icicle Twist Pearl Pendant