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Chakli is a deep fried snack made from rice flour, gram flour, wheat flour or a mixture of lentil flours. they are also known as Murukku in South. chakli or chakri are made as a snack in Maharashtra and Gujarat. there are many versions of making chakli. Today we are sharing a family recipe of instant chakli. you will need... Read More


Falafel is a middle eastern fried snack made with chickpeas or fava beans. Serve them plain with a side dip or chutney and at times as a stuffing in pita bread. To make traditional falafel with soaked raw chickpeas. To use dried white chickpeas and then soak them overnight or for 8 to 9 hours. Later grind the chickpeas coarsely.... Read More


Breakfast kick starts your metabolism and it gives you the energy you need to keep you going until lunchtime. It also helps you not to eat too much during the day, so it’s a great way to help you stay on track with a diet. The ideal breakfast would be one that contains a good mixture of carbohydrates, fibre and... Read More


Sharing a easy snack that can be made. Bonda is a round shaped deep fried snack from South Indian Cuisine. Mysore Bonda originated in Karnataka and are often served in the Tiffin centers through out Karnataka and andhra as a Tea time Snack. Mysore bonda is usually there on their breakfast menu. In restaurants batter is ground in wet grinder.... Read More

Misal pav is a popular dish from Maharashtra consisting of misal and pav .The final dish is topped with potato-chiwda mix, “farsan” or “sev”, onions, lemon and coriander (cilantro). It is usually served with bread toasted with butter and buttermilk or curd and papad. Try this amazing mouth savouring Maharashtrian dish and share your reviews: Ingredients 2 cups mixed sprouts... Read More

Lassi is a very popular drink which is made during summers in India. There are many ways of making Lassi. It could be sweet, salty or made with fruits like mango, papaya, and strawberry. Most people like sweet lassi but some people are also fond of salted Lassi. This Salted Lassi is flavored with black salt, roasted cumin powder and... Read More

Heat is one of the biggest reasons why people avoid a summer wedding. While the idea of donning sleeveless and backless dresses makes it a charming season for the brides and all the female guests, braving the hot and humid summer air is the only thing that everyone dreads about a summer wedding. So, if you are having a summer... Read More

Tartlets can be made using bread slices which can be made quickly. It can be served with many different fillings for a wonderful starter or snacks. It’s a great for bachelors, working women, busy moms and the kids will like it too. For preparing bread tartlets all you need is : • 6 slices white or brown bread – •... Read More

Punugulu can be made with freshly ground Idli batter or fermented Idli or Dosa batter. You can use Idli batter which has become slightly sour or a 2 to 3 days old batter. There are many variations you can make in the Punugulu recipe like adding greens to the batter or changing the spices & herbs as per your taste.... Read More

Upma is popular breakfast or “tiffin” dish in South India. It is easy to make and quite filling. It basically consists of roasted semolina boiled in water that has been seasoned till it is solid. Upma has many forms: simple upma or then upma with vegetables such as carrots and peas, or then upma with tomato. The tang from the... Read More