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Sanjhi Art of paper cutting - "Sanjhi is not an art its a feeling and emotions of Sri Radha which she draws on earthen surface with colors and flowers." Sanjhi painting is a tradition of art that originated out of the cult of Krishna and flourished in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is in Vraja, or Vrindavan, the homeland of Lord Sri Krishna, and this art of Sanjhi painting reached its pinnacle.


The Madhubani art, a famous Indian style of painting, only uses colours and dyes that are completely natural.


New artwork added on! "Krishna_12" by Santosh Chattopadhyay Acrylic On Canvas, Size(inches): 24X24 See more artworks by Santosh Chattopadhyay at:


Oh I love this from a new etsy shop by blogger of A Kreative Project. Visitors to the India pied-a-terre may very well find this hanging in it! Deepavali / Diwali Indian Festival of lights by AKreativeMommy,