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I remember that first time you called and how you told me you could hear the smile in my voice and how it touched you to know that I was glad to be talking to you. I still am my love, each and every time.

Found this from another pinner and hoped you would see this first thing in the morning. I know that I haven't been on for some time... But I want you to know that I miss you, more than you know. So much more than you know. <3 Mia

Took 31 years to find this!!! I love you @Brandon Cagle thank you for allowing me to be me and you love me for it!! I love you the same!!:

How true this is for me @bettylarrea From the first words to the last and the ones that will surface in the silence. These words are from my journal written 2 days after we met. I knew then like I know now that what I want is someone who can BE with all of me all that I am learning to embrace to love in myself and I know that I shall HAVE it. I think you deserve to know before you even kiss me that I feel oh so deeply that poetry runs through my veins that you will become my muse that once…