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An amazing story from Mark who shares with us in The Secret Story of the Week how he unknowingly worked with the law of attraction to manifest his dream of becoming a professional NFL player. Read this amazing story of ASKing, BELIEVing and RECEIVing. www

Daily inspiration look book of the top Men's Fashion in the world today. This page includes men's accesories, men's outfit, hair style, shoes, lifestyle,etc.

Like I said the other day, it doesn't matter how nice you are most of the time if you're mean some of the time

In this free assessment, you’ll discover your talents and strengths, and learn how to maximize your return on energy to reach your true potential and achieve the greatest amount of satisfaction.

ENJOYING LABOUR: Passions will be fostered as long as they have to do with creating a harmonious and beautiful community. Passionate people will do better work and be happier about the things they contribute to society