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Building collagraph

Twitter / CaroleAnneTonge: Lost track of time finishing ...

Texture Town Sculpture - love these - wood and cardboard + black acrylic + oil pastels

Room 9: Art!: Cityscape Sculptures

Ian Murphy This piece of work is very detailed as illustrated through the painting. You can see the colour depth in the painting.

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Creative Sketchbook: Tyler Burke's Collaged Cityscapes!

Tyler Burke's Collaged Cityscapes!

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A* GCSE Art Coursework: Sense of Place

GCSE Art architectural structure - mixed media sketchbook page by Samantha Li

A* GCSE Art Coursework: Sense of Place

John Pipers' work appeals to me because of his use of rich colours and intensle contrasted details

'[title not known]', John Piper | Tate

Ian Murphy Ornate Architecture, Graphite study | AGA Design 2015 resolution…

Ornate Architecture » Ian Murphy Sketchbooks

I love Piper's work, referencing him in my current art work on facades.

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Ian Murphy

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Building Collages by Seth Clark

Artist and designer Seth Clark attended art school in Providence, RI and now lives in a row house in Pittsburgh, where he creates place-based drawings and collages of buildings in various states of...

Building Collages by Seth Clark