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Assign an individual tote to each family member to fill with their bathroom accessories.


Bring storage to your living room with furniture that pulls double duty. Try a console that doubles as a sofa table and storage.


Upgrade your kitchen with a daring new kitchen backsplash. Our great ideas use unique techniques and materials to transform your kitchen. With some DIY and minimal purchases, you can have your new kitchen done in a jiffy!

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A headboard can maximize untapped space in your bedroom.

The editors of Storage magazine have picked their top kitchen helpers! Browse their guide for smart gadgets and organizers that will make your kitchen more efficient.

A wall-mount shelf instantly stretches storage space in a family den.

Cut down on clutter by turning your phone into a universal remote.

Convert a closet into a crafts room. Simply shut the doors when not in use and your craft room is concealed.

Give any room in your home an instant style update by adding patterned, colorful tile to walls, floors, or ceilings. Check out our tile decorating ideas to find the right tile, color, and style for your home and space.

Create style and personality in your home with these great tile ideas. Make your home pop with color or add a fun pattern to any space in your home with these unique ways to use tile.