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272 calories This is my take on a classic Middle Eastern dish. The chicken needs to be marinated for eight hours or overnight, but then it's quick to cook and serve. SERVES 2 • PREP 10m • REST 8 hr...


224 calories One of my favourite chicken recipes. This is easy to put together and is then baked in the oven. SERVES 2 • PREP 10m • COOK 25m ½ tsp olive oil (14 cals) 1 garlic clove, peeled and ver...

Sesame chicken salad

A fresh and healthy Asian-style salad with Thai basil and coriander, soya beans, carrots and tomatoes

Chinese Garlic,Ginger & Honey Chicken (5:2)

Easy 5:2 Fast Day Recipe: Chinese Garlic,Ginger & Honey Chicken with Noodles (200 Calories)

Smoky Mexican Stir Fry with Chicken (234 calories)

These little snack jars are a great way to have a healthy 100 calorie breakfast on the run. Find yourself a small lidded jar, such as an empty jam jar, and fill it with the ingredients in advance. ...