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Keeping your coffee hot enough to drink can be a difficult thing to do when you’re constantly on the run. Some tricks might keep your coffee warm but tend to make it bitter, while others just don’t seem to work at all.

Getting stuck in an elevator is certainly not a pleasant experience by any stretch of the imagination. Time begins to pass slowly and minutes seem to stretch on forever, which only adds to the stress of the situation.

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10 reasons martial arts benefits kids

When that invitation to a high school reunion shows up, your first instinct may be to toss it in the trash. After all, adolescence is usually an awkward time that most people would rather forget rather than reminisce about.

Without the genius and innovation of the world’s inventors, life on Earth would probably still be stuck in the dark ages. Some inventions have saved lives, others changed the scope of technology and design and others still were just plain fun.

When it comes to poetry, there are more formal types than the casual reader may realize. There’s definitely more to poetry than the rhyming sentiments in greeting cards, though many of those verses do adhere to one of these style forms.

The Guinness Book of World Records is renowned across the globe for measuring, adjudicating and compiling extraordinary feats by ordinary people.

Restaurants are marvelous things; regardless of the economy, people still flock to the great ones in droves.

2012 was a busy time for news with the upcoming presidential election. However, not to be outdone, these 10 Kens managed to make some headlines of their own.