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Most of the lines are curved and flowing there is a group of hard bold lines that flow through out the piece connecting with each other surrounding the focal point of the 2 different pink flowers. Morris used straight lines to add detail onto the leaves and create tone and form into the larger leaves a flower petals. The colours in this piece are very dull secondary colours which compliment each other well, The colour pallet for this painting is very limited only using pinks and greens.

Similarly to the other piece the is also a mirrored repeat pattern. The secondary colours in this painting are more natural and cool then his other pieces. The composition of this piece is very organised even though its full its still very easy to follow. There is no straight lines in this pieces all being curved along with the shapes which vary in size, majority of the shapes are surrounded by curved swirly lines and shapes.

The lines within this piece are all curved i feel like this shows the freeness of nature as it flows very well. There is triangular, circular and irregular shapes in this piece also adding to the natural feel it gives off. The painting doesnt have much form and looks quite flat. This piece is a mirrored repeat pattern which allows your eyes to follow it all the way through. Finally The colours William Morris used where dull primary colours giving this piece a dark feeling.