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There is a series of different type of lines in this piece from long thick paint strokes to shorter thinner strokes. The brush strokes come together to create both irregular and geometric shapes in both the background and on the top layer. I can't make out a specific motif for this pattern because I can't see repeated patterns. The secondary pastel colours used, pink, blue and pink, are a contrast to the black which is used on the top layers which is the main focus of the pattern.


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Laura Banchik

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The influence of Latin inspired bold primary and secondary colours,pink,green blue and yellow, and textures comes through in this piece of work from Laura Banchik. Her use of blurred vertical lines is like a blurry photography taken at speed during a train ride giving the feeling of movement and height. Because of how bury it is i can only make out irregular shapes. This pattern is very busy but the use of black and white breaks the colours up making it slightly easier on the eye.

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Hello everyone and happy new year!!!! Today’s featured designer is Laura Banchik, a graphic designer from Argentina who has recently entered the world of surface design. Laura starts...

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