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Handprint Fireworks...just put their red & blue painted hands on white paper. When wet, add glitter. Cut them out when dry. Hang them up, can kind of crumble edges so they stick out alot This is so much fun..!

Considerate Classroom: Early Childhood Special Education Edition - Fire Safety color mixing experiment

Decorations for new years eve !!

Rainbow Burst Oobleck

Make this simple oobleck with an extra ingredient that makes it explode into bursts of bubbly color, just like fireworks! Sensory play at it's bubbly best!

Splat Art Fireworks Painting

Easy and fun fireworks painting for kids to try out. Glitter paint gives the fireworks some pizzazz!

food coloring firework craft

Firework crafts and cookies

Bonfire Night is the first night back after half term. They are usually full of energy. These biscuits look fun but won't require too much concentration