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Fractions Shopping Role Play Pack - fractions, shopping

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from Games 4 Gains

'Bump' Up the Fun With Fractions!

This FREE Adding Fractions Bump Games contains 2 different bump games to help students practice adding fractions with like and unlike denominators. These bump games are so simple to use, and take a minimal amount of prep. Simply print out the game sheet, get 2 dice, and 20 counters, and you'll be ready to go! Check it out at

Try These Free Fraction Bump Games!

from WeAreTeachers

How to Use Creative Art Projects to Make Your Students Love Math

Kid-Measurement-Art 3-D Collage: Measuring Give students different colors of construction paper. They cut 1-inch-wide strips. Then, they use a ruler and cut their strips in different lengths (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 inches) and manipulate them into different designs, creating a 3-D collage. They write down their measurements next to each paper strip.

Math Art Projects


Estimation Game

Estimation Game - draw a card, try to estimate which line measures that length, if correct highlight line with your marker

Estimation Game

Days of the week wheel FREEBIE *Daily repetition of this may help those kiddos who have difficulty sequencing days of the week

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