Relay to the patient in depth as to how many appointments there will be and exactly what will be done. Highly appreciated. Excellent rating

Very accommodating, shortest timespans for veneers I got from Dr.Sween Kathuria. Outstanding work with thorough professional services.

Excellent treatment done by Dr.Puneet kathuria, I am very much happy for restoring my teeth. Now I can eat food of my choice.Overwhelmed by the treatment planning and same treatment rendered.

Professionalism is top. "Thank you so much". We are really happy with the treatment. We will recomend to all our family and friends about Dr.Kathuria being one of the best denist in Delhi.

Dr Kathuria came highly recommended from Australia. Got a lot of #dental work done. Many thanks to Dr Sween and Dr Puneet Kathuria for an excellent and well paced dental work.

Thank you Dr.Sween Kathuria for the lovely #smile makeover. I am giggling….

Got Zoom whitening at Dr.Kathuria’s Dental in Delhi. I am satisfied with the good work done.

Thank you Dr.Puneet & Dr.Sween Kathuria for a wonderful dental work for me.

Got smile makeover and old fillings replaced with porcelain inlays from Dr Sween Kathuria. • Indeed, its one of the best setups I've ever attended. Thanx for everything.

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