Backyard Circus Wedding: I love the idea of cascading lights- i know this was supposed to mimic a tent, but couldn't this be easily converted for an indoor wedding?

PapaKåta, based in North Yorkshire, are old friends of Lights4fun - specialising in hiring out gorgeous Kåta tents for parties, weddings and festivals, they light up their events using a number of our ranges of professional-standard outdoor fairy lights (to beautiful effect, might we add).

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A Glastonbury Themed Bohemian Wedding In Worcestershire With Yurts Glamping Food Vans And A Bonfire And Bride In A Floral Crown With Images From Camera Hannah And Event Planning By Jessie Thomson 6

Liz and Jamie’s DIY Festival Wedding, with Tipi’s, a Silent Disco and Lots of fun. By Lifeline Photography

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