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Interior/Exterior Stained Vanish 9210 : Premium quality transparent finish developed for a multitude of applications on interior and exterior timber substrates to protect, beautify and brighten up the surfaces.


Interior/Exterior Stained Vanish 9210

Wood Preservative 806 : protects wood against decay and attack by termites, insects or rot.


Wood Preservative 806

White Shellac

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PU Floor Dressing 9246 : provides a high floss and builds film with excellent hardness, durability, resistance to scratch and water.

PU Floor Dressing 9246

Wood Dye 9310 : is usually used as a base coat with Clear Varnish as a finish coat to protect and give a rich gloss.

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Plastic Wood Filler 9910 : is specially designed for interior and exterior use in the initial stages of wood finishing to fill any irregularities and porosity and for repairing wood.

Plastic Wood Filler 9910

Timber Marking Paint 000

Furniture Lacquer Matt 522 : ability to display a clear and flexible finish coat allows it to enhance the natural beauty of the wood.

Furniture Lacquer Matt 522

Furniture Lacquer Clear 722 : is specially formulated for application on wood surfaces.

Furniture Lacquer Clear 722