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Industrial & Marine Enamel Paint 4000 : Warlus Marine and Industrial Gloss finish, a quick drying synthetic enamel


Industrial & Marine Enamel Paint 4000

Paint Remover 910 : strong in removal of paint, varnish, lacquer from all types of extremely hard coats surface.


Paint Remover 910

Fluorescent Paint FP3200 : Designed for marine and other industries, traffic signals etc whereby a high visibility coating with fluorescent effect

Fluorescent Paint FP3200

Epoxy Red Lead Primer 8434 : Based on a combination of epoxy resin and polyamide curing agent and suitable as a primer of epoxy based finishes

Epoxy Red Lead Primer 8434

Etching Primer 5935 : A two-pack Vinyl Butyryl Resin based primer specially formulated for the treatment of steel, galvanized steel

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Alkyd Zinc Chromate Primer 5937 : Formulated as a substitute for Red Lead Primer, it exhibits outstanding properties like strong adherence to the metals

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Epoxy Tank Coating 8602 : specially formulated for use as primer, intermediate coats or finishes to line the interior

Epoxy Tank Coating 8602

Protective Epoxy Coating 8700 : A two-pack Polyamide Cured Epoxy Resin based paint specially formulated for a multitude of application on metal

Protective Epoxy Coating 8700

Multi-Purpose High Performance Epoxy Coating 8-231