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Well for most of the boys tahle manners and etiquettes have been a mystery, how do you use the fork and the knife and where does the spoon go, they don’t know, and the napkin is a total googly. Abhi’s table manners suck while Ananya is all prim and she wants to teach him some etiquettes and Abhi is ready to learn only in bed. Love Quote- When two people are different, all it takes is a little bit of make it work


#LoveBytes - Episode 18 - Addicted To You

Rizwan thinks about the training and preachings which he has got from his Baba. Rizwan is a terrorist who has entered from a neighbouring country to spy upon India. However, later in the episode we will get to know that Rizwan has seen a dream in which he is exposed before Preet! Want to know what Rizwan is thinking about Preet? Will Preet get to know about Ishaan’s truth? Want to know more? Find out all here! Watch all the latest videos of Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do


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Prachi comes up with a game at the beach shack that everybody agrees to play. Each one takes a shot and reveals a secret story that nobody knows of. As the number of rounds increase, a lot of secrets come out in the open. Next morning, Mehak wakes up next to Raghav on the same bed!

Tanlines - Episode 7- The Secret (Part 1)

Watch LoveBytes the original and exclusive digital web series, urban Indian romantic relationship of Ananya and Abhishek and the daily challenges they tackle that come in the way.

#LoveBytes - Episode 25 - Let's get cooking

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Tanlines - Episode 4 - The Cover Up!

The party at the villa is nowhere close to what Dan and Disha had expected. Prachi is the only one to show some interest in Nikesh's magic trick but things get ugly when he puts a condom in her hand. The incident then turns into a huge fight where Dan and Disha charge towards each other with anger. Watch it on Sony LIV.

Tanlines - Episode 4 - The Cover Up!

Yamraj is solving the problems of villagers and now villagers have urged Yamraj to get back their lands kept with Chote Babu as the security against their debts. Yamraj has agreed to have a chat with Chote Babu. Can Yamraj fulfil the promise he made to the villagers? What will happen next? Stay tuned and watch the full episode. Watch all the latest videos of Yam Hain Hum online on SonyLiv official website

Yam Hain Hum - 19th November, 2015 - Football ka Khel

Abhi is a fitness freak and loves exercising. He also wants Ananya to join the gym and follow his footsteps. But Ananya does not really share the same passion for the gym. Her thing is more like work, eat, sleep and chill. Ananya is chilled out but Abhi is not. Love Quote- A great relationship is about two things; First, appreciating the similarities and second, respecting the differences

#LoveBytes - Episode 21 - Go To The Gym

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Parvarish Season 2 - 2nd December, 2015 - Surinder worried about Jassi