Pressure Gauge

Jy instruments Manufacturer of pressure gauges and manometer related products including DPS Series, FMG Series, Utility Gauge, Gas Test Gauge and other pressure accessories.
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Air pressure gauge, water pressure gauge and gas pressure gauge are used on air, steam, oil, fresh and salt water, air conditioning, pneumatic, hydraulic, water tanks, air compressors, OEM

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For measuring gases, air, water and oils when equipment or processes require a panel mounted gauge. There is two quick hooks on both of the case side and have round and square plastic cases for choice.

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Designed for use on a closed system. Isolates temperature sensor from process media.

Designed to be welded in place within the system. Slow velocity (i.e. a feed water system on a boiler) sealed System Industrial Thermowell This Industrial Thermowell is also same like bi-metal thermowell which is also used to protect the theremomter through exposing the media. This is used in HVAC, chill water, hot water lines and pipes.Industrial Thermowell

To set up a "sealed system", whereby the thermometer can be removed from the application. To protect the thermometer from possible exposure to the media. Used in HVAC, pipes, chill water and hot water lines.

Body material can be brass, SS304 and SS316, adjustable system are SS316. Prolongs the life of pressure instruments by reduce the damage effects of pulsation. Can be utilized to change the amount of restriction. Used in pumps, compressors, hydraulic presses or fluid power applications

On steam service, the syphon will prevent hot steam from entering a pressure gauge, diaphragm seal or transmitter. Recommended for application involving temperatures above 100F (37C)

Quick pressure and temperature test at recommended test point during process, used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning industries.

Demanding pharmaceutical applications requiring strict sanitary instrumentation features. This gauge is for special requirements in the dairy, food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

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