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Interesting image. Lots of symbolizm, the fact that his facce is being twisted really shows his distorted self image or state of stress. Black and white adds to make this really dramatic

pin 6 really screwed me this time. Gotta say...little bit pissed. They look nothing like their profile. I also requested "naughty librarian" type...not "Nazi librarian."

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South African artist Chris Slabber has created an exquisite series of images using pigmented ink and paint falling through water. Slabber captures incredibly detailed images of the liquid plumes with high-speed photography and digitally manipulates them, blending in faces and figures. Recently exhibited at KKNK 2014, an Afrikaans-language art festival in Oudtshoorn SA, the series […]

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TBD: Objective- Students will use makeup effects and lighting kits to capture portraits of friends or classmates. Example- by kay ruhe