Sunday morning baked eggs

These creamy, indulgent eggs are baked in individual ramekins with cream, cheese and tarragon - perfect for a lazy weekend brunch

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Apple & cranberry pancakes with cinnamon butter & syrup

Spinach baked eggs with parmesan & tomato toasts

Make these as a simple starter or as a tasty brunch - a great combination of flavours

Black pudding potato cakes with fried eggs & tomato chutney

Baked eggs with ham & spinach

Serve this adaptable Mexican-style dish for brunch, breakfast or dinner with spicy tomato sauce

Bacon & parsley hotcakes

This is perfect for a lazy brunch or a quick supper. To make brunch even easier, make the dry mix the night before, then stir in the eggs and milk

Brummie bacon cakes

These brunch cakes from Birmingham are similar to savoury scones, with cheese, tomato ketchup and Worcester sauce - perfect with eggs

Breakfast eggy crumpets

Jamie Oliver's Breakfast Eggy Crumpets. (I prefer to buy the traditional crumpets but in the states they are hard to come by so these are a good English substitute and I love Jamie Oliver.)

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