Breakfast Nook: if your short on space this is the way to go to make the most of your living area: Adding a leaf table will expand seating with a bench seat and or chairs on the other side when needed for additional guests:-)

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Turn an old coffee table into seating... So clever! Could do this with the noida set table since it is so heavy. Convert it into a seating piece - for the deck? verandah? - and make another table for that sofa and chairs. Add drawers of something, if reqd

Love the cozy feeling, but drawers under a table makes no sense. A better design would be to have a piano hinge bench seat for easy access to storage.

Breakfast nook with awesome under-the-seats drawers. I think a combination this, drawers on the backs of the seats, and lift-up seating storage would be awesome and still fit our small dimensions, as this would be pulled too far out into the kitchen to ma

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