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When preparing a healthy salad in advance, constantly placed the juiciest components (just like trim tomato plants, cucumber etc) in the bottom and the more dry elements (celery, radishes, lettuce) at the pinnacle.

If you feel somewhat nauseated on your fasting day, this is a good dish to have for lunch; but make sure you only eat a small portion and skip the bread - vegetables only!

Chickpeas With Tomatoes & Spinach Recipe Main Dishes with vegetable oil, purple onion, garlic cloves, fresh ginger root, red chili peppers, tumeric, Garam Masala, ground cumin, tomatoes, tomato purée, chickpeas, baby spinach leaves, rice

Vegetable curry for a crowd - very flavoursome, easily altered depending on seasonal veg, spice level can be altered by using different paste, can be left simmering for a while and topped up with passata or water as required, great to freeze and re-heat

Chickpea, tomato and spinach curry // I was missing yeast extract, lentils and cashews, but this still turned out well. A good way to get veggies and protein with some different flavors. I kicked up the spiciness a notch and served it with quinoa.

Naved Nasir's family recipe for traditional Nihari curry combines lamb, cardamom, fresh ginger and turmeric to make a rich dish that's bursting with Indian flavours.

Rich and complex in flavour, curry can seem like a daunting dish to make at home. Meaty or veg-packed, hot and spicy, or creamy and mild, we've compiled our easiest-ever recipes to guarantee you great results.

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