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Standing stones from around the UK, all Images taken by photographer John R Arrowsuch.

Anvil Stone,Baslow Edge and a must have image of "The Anvil Stone". A solitary standing stone that looks like it was dropped from the sky, sharp end into the Earth.

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If your planning to visit Wayland Smithy to photograph the stones, make the most of the late Autumn sun, the late afternoon Sun will give you a better Illumination on the four main standing stones around the entrance.

The Maen Llia standing stone sits bolt upright Within the Brecon Beacons national park The diamond shaped top is a right angle and is Oriented North/South. It stands over two meters high, and if you’re Mad enough to look at the stone in the dead of A starry Night, be sure to look along the right Hand side of the stone, it points more or less At the pole star!

You have to ask yourself how did they manage to transport this giant stone to this remote site. And for what purpose, was it connected to the constellations or to mark a resting place or both. It has been suggested it was to mark a territorial boundary but only the Maen Llia Standing stone knows the ancient riddle.

Nine Stones Close, a stone circle not far from Robin hood stride, in the peak district national park.

A great trip up to the Peak district, to capture the Stone Circle "The Nine Ladies", the stones were very small, but well worth a visit. My trip here had a double purpose, one was to shoot a short film, and secondly I was looking for Bilberry’s, the filming did not go to plan, so I will return here again this Year. But I did find Bilberry’s.

From; Nine Stones close, detail of the setting Sun.

Two stones of nine stones close. "Trees for the living Stone for the dead".