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PSYCH 575 Entire Course

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Select a well documented historical case study of an individual who experienced a neurological disorder, disease, or accident that resulted in an interruption in his or her vision, hearing, or motor control.Prepare a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft® Power Point® presentation addressing the following questions:What neurological disorder, disease, or accident took place to interrupt this individual’s ability? What behaviors were exhibited by this individual following the disorder, disease, or…

PSYCH 575 Week 3 Individual Assignment Historical Case Study

Select one brain-altering drug—a street drug, a prescription drug, or a legal drug, such as alcohol or tobacco.Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you address the following:Identify your drug and define its primary use in our culture. Identify rates of use and populations affected by using this drug. Discuss the regions of the brain affected by this drug. How does this drug alter brain chemistry? How do high versus low doses of this drug compare in altering…

PSYCH 575 Week 6 Learning Team Assignment Effect of Drug Use Presentation

How does the use of alcohol affect pregnancy? What kinds of long-term behavioral effects can result from fetal alcohol syndrome?

PSYCH 575 Week 6 DQ 1

Select a neurological, psychological, or neurodevelopmental disorder. Write a 2,450- to 3,500-word paper comparing and contrasting three therapeutic interventions used to treat this disorder. Compare measures of effectiveness, such as validity, efficacy, symptom and behavior management, and recidivism. One therapy should be cognitive in nature, one should be pharmacological in nature, and the third should be an alternative therapeutic treatment.Identify common symptoms associated with your…

PSYCH 575 Week 5 Individual Assignment Disorder Paper

Therapies have come a long way to help those with neurological, psychological, or neurodevelopmental disorders. Provide two cognitive and two pharmacological therapies you believe are the most promising and why. Identify what disorders they are designed to help.

PSYCH 575 Week 5 DQ 2

What is psychopharmacology? What are some positive aspects related to psychopharmacology? What are some drawbacks?

PSYCH 575 Week 5 DQ 1

Open an Internet search engine.Search for and view the following video - Man without a Memory- Clive Wearing.Address, in a 350- to 700-word paper, the following questions with your Learning Team: How would you define the relationship between learning something and remembering it? What specific region of Clive’s brain is damaged to result in this memory loss? How do you explain Clive’s loss of memory for most things, despite his lasting memory for his wife and the piano? If you were…

PSYCH 575 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment The Man Without a Memory Paper

If we learn what we remember and remember what we learn, provide a neurological explanation—the best you can with current findings—of why people with Alzheimer’s disease forget what they have learned and may have known for decades.

PSYCH 575 Week 4 DQ 2

Explain the difference between positive emotions on memory and stressful or fearful emotions on memory. Why do positive life experiences last in long-term memory, while stressful or fearful life experiences are often lost or buried in people’s memories?

PSYCH 575 Week 4 DQ 1

Complete the University Material: Neurotransmitter Chart, located on the student website

PSYCH 575 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Neurotransmitters Chart