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High school Art student paints 3 generations of her family

These sketchbook studies show beautiful attention to detail: preliminary paintings of eyes, lips and other facial features, as Sophie practises using different mediums and techniques.

Messy masterpieces by Florian Nicolle

This picture represent value. The shadows are great and really stand out but the subtle use of white really bring out this piece even more. The look on her face looks like she has secret she just can't hide anymore.

If you could change your past or jump into the future, what would you do…what would you do? Morris Berman’s ‘Destiny’ is a page turning book exploring the possibilities that will keep you wanting more…”and then, it happened. The two of them were lying in bed together somewhere-her apartment?…

Jessica Rimondi I like how the paint validates the emotions and expressions within this portrait, by the limited palette it structures the shapes and forms. Then to have a deeper depth of what is trying to be convey and incorporated by the use of the paint with the techniques being able to enforce the concepts. I would like to experiment with my own developments to have a source of vivid expression, to allow the painting to speak for itself and not have any narrative connotation towards it…