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Extraordinary Observer, Tree of Life, and Mind Reader, by Emkel Dikia. - these would look cool in a doctor's office or something

this image is great as the colour of the jewellery and accessories are bright whilst the girl is dull and colourless. you wonder why the colour of the accessories are the prime view of this image and what they represent to the girl

Creative visual solutions for your Event or Marketing needs through the innovative use of 3D Street Painting and 3D Chalk Art. US Navy – X Games 2013 – Los Angeles

The Subtractive Canvases and Street Art of Pejac street art painting murals minimalism drawing

Please Mind The Gap: Late Evening Train Cut Out Train tickets on canvas 2011 5”x 4” £190 including frame

This is a pretty cool photograph that illustrates depth of field. The floor on the top appear to be darker than the lower level floors and the upper level floors also appear to be smaller. It is also a super creative photograph b/c it is a reflection of the street.

76 Unbelievable Street And Wall Art Illusions

Street Art Illusions. No words to describe the sheer beauty and talent <3 <3