‘Bring your own device’, or BYOD, is a product of the anywhere, anytime society we now find ourselves living in. BYOD has come to be because individuals want to be able to access their email, calendar, or even the important presentation they’re working on, whilst they are at home, at lunch or commuting on the train.

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Moving to a new property can be exciting, but once you’ve actually made the transition, you might feel a bit of an anti-climax. It takes a while to get new houses to really feel like home, and in the interim, you might feel a bit like you’re trespassing in someone else’s place.

This week is the last one of this term and our new term for group lessons will start on week commencing the 15th of April and will run for 13 weeks.

As everyone can see our new website is live and updated with information on what Spanish Connection has to offer and why we feel we are a cut above the rest.

Now that spring has finally sprung, you will probably be keen to spend more of your time enjoying the blue skies and fresh air of the great outdoors. After all, your opportunities to enjoy the milder temperatures and longer evenings will be more plentiful now that summertime is just around the corner.

Whilst the calendar may claim we are officially on the threshold of British Summer Time, you would be forgiven for thinking we are still in the grip of winter. Indeed, the cold and wet weather which has enveloped much of the UK recently is more akin to November than it is to March.

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