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Featuring cars that are fit for the family, including family friendly features that you may not know about!
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You read it right - that's 1.9L/100 combined fuel economy on the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. What more could you want for your family than to spend more of your money on the things you want to do rather than on getting you there? Invest in a Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle for your family and the future!

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Family friendly doesn't have to mean slow and boring. The Octavia RS has plenty of room for the kids and all their things but is still a drivers car.

Room for sports gear, baby transport, holiday bags or even the day to day grocery shop. Just because it's a sports model, doesn't mean you can't have room for the family too!

What do you care about more than anything when it comes to having your family in a car? Their safety! You can't prevent every accident from happening, but you can ensure that if something were to happen you had the best possible protection around you and the ones you love!

Ever had one of those times when your hands are so full you can't find the keys to open the boot? This is your answer... simply wave anything under the boot opener, and the sensor opens the boot for you. Simple access to great storage.

What would be worse than your family being hurt in your car? Someone outside your car being hurt... The Mitsubishi Outlander comes with an audible alert for people who may be in close range of your vehicle - alerting both you and them of the possible danger. Safety first! Nice!

For those times when even 7 seats isn't enough, here is the answer. The Volkswagen Caravelle has 9 seats, four of them with child seat attachments. If you don't NEED all 9 seats all the time, you can easily remove some for more space!

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