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Internet and online business has proven to be the easiest and most cost-effective way to start a business. Anyone can do it and anyone can succeed at making money online.
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You are on the top level. On your first level you have 2 people, 2nd level you have 4, 3rd level 8, 4th level 16 and it continues down 20 levels. The 19th level has 524,288 positions and the 20th level has over 1 Million (1,048,576) Positions. When you add everything up there are over 2,097,150 positions in the 2x20 forced matrix. Read more @

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We designed it to be a win-win proposition, not like so many other plans where only the up line benefits from the efforts of the down line. This is the power of using a 2x20 forced matrix. It's a beautiful structure that benefits everyone and has been proven in the market place for decades as a viable and legal compensation plan. Read more @

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