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Homemade apple and cinnamon flapjacks (Graze clone) Finding this recipe has seriously made my day. These are ADDICTING -- can't wait to make them! -- jacqui

Chocolate & Caramel Flapjacks - an English fav! Oats, brown sugar, chocolate, caramel. Sub Lt corn syrup or honey (or a mix of the two) for the 'golden syrup'. There is also a recipe for the Golden syrup on my Food Board. Sub the Carnation caramel- a UK item - for a can of thick dulce de leche or melted soft caramel candies. The oat flapjack base is versatile - sandwich in a spread of raspberry jam or top with anything else you might like. Endless possibilities!

These delicious banana and cocoa flapjacks are melded together with treacle and syrup.. Delicious

Honeycomb Flapjacks - A classic traybake, with a sweet chocolatey twist – Honeycomb Flapjacks!