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Chinese New Year for Kids - Paper Snake

Simple really is best! Explore the Year of the Snake with these adorable paper chain snakes. Chinese New Year sorted!


Classroom Crafts to Celebrate the Chinese New Year

Classroom Crafts to Celebrate the Chinese New Year. This year, Chinese New Year begins on February 1st. Here are some fun and easy ways you can bring some auspicious Chinese New Year fun into your classroom.


water bead science

Water bead kids science experiment - making science playful, encouraging experiments and discovery.

Spaghetti sensory play

spaghetti! This looks really fun. for preschoolers and older. you layout spaghetti in trays. Let the children touch and feel the spaghetti. they can paint the spaghetti different colors. let them use their hands to mix the paint.

Celebrating Chinese New Year with a sand table bin of gold and red tinsel. Using chopsticks the children picked out a golden dragon and gold coin to take home.